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The Climate Pod

Mar 9, 2022

In recent weeks, as tragedy has unfolded in Ukraine, a disturbing trend has emerged: climate misinformation flooding major media coverage of the war. Evlondo Cooper, senior writer with the climate and energy program at Media Matters, joins the show to discuss many of the bizarre, false claims that are circulating and why some are trying to use this tragedy to lock in fossil fuel use for decades. We also discuss the recent media coverage of the IPCC Report On Adaptation, Vulnerability, And Impact and why the connection was not made between climate change and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Check out Evlondo Cooper's author page and recent reporting:

National TV news' coverage of the latest IPCC report missed a key opportunity to connect climate inaction to the war in Ukraine

Fox is using the Ukrainian crisis to suggest the Biden administration’s climate policies emboldened Putin

Listen to our recent episode on the IPCC report on adaptation, vulnerability, and impact with IPCC author Dr. Jörn Birkmann.

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