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The Climate Pod

Aug 30, 2023

Every year, humans generate over 2 billion metric tons of solid waste worldwide. Where does it go after you're done with it? How does it impact communities and economies and ecosystems around the world? How can we solve such an enormous and growing problem?

Oliver Franklin-Wallis dives deep into these questions and more in his new book "Wasteland: The Secret World of Waste and the Urgent Search for a Cleaner Future."  Oliver spent years traveling the globe to research and understand the complexities of the global waste crisis, its causes, and its potential solutions.  He joins the show this week to discuss what he found and to help explain why this is such a complicated yet critical problem to solve.

Plus, co-hosts Brock and Ty talk about the cringeworthy first Republican Presidential Debate and the continuation of climate denial from America's rightwing politicians.

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