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The Climate Pod

Jun 24, 2020

Happy 1st Anniversary to The Climate Pod! This week, co-hosts Ty Benefiel and Brock Benefiel talk to two clean energy policy experts about a new study, 2035: The Report, which outlines an economically beneficial path to transforming the electricity sector to 90% clean energy in the next 15 years.

We speak to David Wooley, co-author of the report and visiting professor UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, about the report's findings. Later, we talk to Sonia Aggarwal, Vice President at Energy Innovation, who co-authored a policy memo that accompanies the report. Sonia tells us about the policies that necessary to make this change possible. 

Ty and Brock also discuss warming temperatures in Siberia, Russian government's approach to climate change, and memories from the first year of the podcast. 

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