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The Climate Pod

Aug 16, 2023

When Ty talked to Kurt Andersen back in 2020 upon the release of his exceptional book Evil Geniuses, we never thought it would lead to a sci-fi comedic series. Nevertheless, Andersen and Steven Soderbergh have co-created and recently released a new series, Command Z, which is a hilarious adaptation that addresses not only the major themes of Evil Geniuses but also explores how we might all think about all types of political action in 2023. 

Kurt's back on the show this week to discuss why making Command Z was a dream come true and what he wanted to explore with the series that he couldn't with a nonfiction book. We also get his thoughts on how the Inflation Reduction Act might be impacting our view on the role of government and undoing some of the damage of the Evil Geniuses he covered and what he thinks of the Federalist Society-approved, conservative Supreme Court justices that continue to be awful. 

Buy and watch Command Z here

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