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The Climate Pod

Feb 20, 2020

Both the continent of Antarctica and the month of January hit new record temperatures in 2020. How did this happen? We talk to Matthew Cappucci of The Washington Post about these weather patterns, how a meteorologist spots the impact of climate change in bizarre weather, and also talk about the Broomstick Challenge, the movies "Sharknado" and "Twister," and even Al Roker. 

Then, we are joined by the University of Arizona's Dr. John J. Wiens and Cristian Román-Palacios, who recently published a study that made headlines for its analysis on the  potential extinction crisis looming if warming temperatures continue. They explain the major drivers behind extinction patterns and where plant and animal most likely to occur. 

Ty and Brock also discuss BP's new climate announcement, Jeff Bezos' big donation, the 2019 SEAL Awards, and that time they broke a picture frame in their parents' house and lied about it. 

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