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The Climate Pod

Aug 16, 2022

On today's show, we're having some fun with one of our first in-person interviews with Adam Gardiner, guitarist/vocalist for Guster and co-founder of REVERB, which has helped lead the music climate revolution since 2004. We discuss why Adam started using his rock fame to promote climate action, how artists can green venues and help unite the music community to address the climate crisis, and what campaigns REVERB is focused on now. We recorded this live a few months ago, just hours before Guster took the stage and it's fantastic. 

More on REVERB:

REVERB is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering millions of individuals to take action toward a better future for people and the planet. REVERB partners with musicians, festivals, and venues to green their concert events while engaging fans face-to-face at shows to take environmental and social action. Check out their current campaigns, ways to take action, and help volunteer. Follow REVERB on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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