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The Climate Pod

Apr 26, 2023

When Adam Nayman reflects on what makes There Will Be Blood so resonate, it's one of the central questions Paul Thomas Anderson's 2007 film asks that serves as a timeless themes in American culture. "What does it look like when you're appetite simply cannot be sated?" Nayman asks. "Your eyes are not bigger than your stomach. You literally need to have everything." 

On today's show, Nayman, the author of Paul Thomas Anderson: Masterworks joins to break down the film. We discuss how Daniel Plainview reflects the feeling of living through the Bush Administration and War On Terror, why Paul Thomas Anderson uses our oil addiction as a motif in films, and what There Will Be Blood a mirror of a number of American businessmen throughout the country's history. 

Adam Nayman is a contributing editor for Cinema Scope and writes for The New Yorker, The Ringer, Sight and Sound, Reverse Shot, and Little White Lies. He has written books on the Coen Brothers, Showgirls and the films of Ben Wheatley, and lectures on cinema and journalism at the University of Toronto and Toronto Metropolitan University.

Read Paul Thomas Anderson: Masterworks

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