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The Climate Pod

Nov 15, 2023

Each year, scientists from around the world develop a comprehensive report on the state of the climate crisis. The report provides updates on dozens of the most important indicators of the progress humans are making to limit greenhouse gas emissions and the consequences of not doing so faster.  This year's report, "The 2023 State of the Climate Report: Entering Uncharted Territory" presents a frightening picture, as many of Earth's vital signs are flashing red and the trajectory of climate progress is pointing in the wrong direction.

Dr. Jillian Gregg, the Executive Director of Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Associates and a co-author of this year's report, joins the show to discuss the report's findings, what has surprised her and her colleagues most about what's happened in 2023, and the few indicators that are moving in the right direction. We also discuss the sense of urgency that can be felt in the words used by the scientists that wrote this report.

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