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The Climate Pod

Jun 1, 2022

Jamie Henn pulls no punches when he criticizes Big Oil's role is high prices at the gas pump. As he explains in this week's episode, skyrocketing energy costs can be attributed to oil companies price gouging and war profiteering during the current crisis with the war in Ukraine. And his organization, Fossil Free Media has a new campaign to confront the issue. The organization recently launched STOP, which stands for Stop the Oil Profiteering and is working with members of the U.S. Congress and advocacy groups to pass the Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax. On this episode, Henn explains exactly what the tax would do, who would benefit from passing it, and why he believes Big Oil companies are preying on consumers. We also discuss the state of climate activism in 2022, why going after Big Oil is good politics, and how to fight burnout after a number of political setbacks and ongoing crises.

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