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The Climate Pod

Nov 23, 2022

COP27 has concluded and a historic agreement has been made on establishing a fund for loss and damage. What exactly happened at this year's conference - from the biggest achievements to disappointments - and where do we go from here? We have three expert guests who attended COP27 to help break it all down. 

First, Oliver Milman, environment reporter for Guardian US and the author of The Insect Crisis, explains the biggest takeaways from COP27 and discusses what it was like reporting at the conference. Then, Ramon Cruz, president of the Sierra Club, and Cherelle Blazer, International Climate and Policy Campaign Director of the Sierra Club, give us insight into the fight to hold the United States accountable for its loss and damage agreement and what the midterm elections mean for the international climate agreement.

Read The Insect Crisis

Check out the Sierra Club's work

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