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The Climate Pod

Nov 2, 2022

After a year of critical elections, global conflict, major climate policy decisions, and energy crises, world leaders will now gather at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt to discuss crucial issues at the heart of the climate crisis. On the show, this week, we take a look at many of those critical issues from the trajectory of global warming to the Global North's failure to meet climate finance commitments to the lack of funding for loss and damage and much more. 

To help us out, two fantastic guest who will be covering COP27 in Egypt:

Sarah Kaplan is a climate reporter for the Washington Post. Sarah will be in Sharm El-Sheikh covering the negotiations and helps to give us some overview on how the major developments in 2022 could impact the talks.

Nina Lakhani, who is a senior climate justice reporter with the Guardian, helps us understand how significant it is to have this COP in Egypt and how Egyptian climate leaders plan to center conversations on climate finance and loss and damage. And Nina also explains the reports of human rights abuses that have been alleged of the Egyptian government, what some activists fear as they head to Egypt, and why so many African activists are having a hard time securing access to COP27. 

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