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The Climate Pod

Nov 29, 2023

This week, we have two great guests on the show to explain what's at stake at COP28 and some of the biggest issues surrounding the conference. First, New York Times correspondent David Gelles joins to discuss what he'll be covering at COP28, why the recent US-China deal heading into the conference might provided a much needed jolt, and what to watch for when it comes to climate finance and the fund for loss and damage. Then, researcher and campaigner Pascoe Sabido joins the show to discuss a new analysis of the presence of fossil fuel lobbyists at UN climate talks and what it has meant to action on climate. 

David Gelles is a correspondent on the Climate desk at The New York Times, covering the intersection of public policy and the private sector. Follow David's work at The New York Times here.

Pascoe Sabido is a researcher and campaigner at the Corporate Europe Observatory and a co-cordinator of the Kick Big Polluters Out coalition

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