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The Climate Pod

Dec 6, 2023

Rural voters are often overlooked or completely ignored when it comes to progressive campaigns, including ones centered on climate action. And yet, it is the vast land available in rural areas that offer the greatest opportunity to build out clean energy projects in America. But years of misinformation, crumbling political infrastructure, and Republican, one-party control has lead to a major obstacle obstructing the path to a decarbonized economy. So how do we change that?

There may be no better expert to answer the question than Jane Kleeb. Kleeb is the Founder of Bold Alliance, author of Harvest the Vote, chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, and most recently, a recipient of the 2023 Climate Breakthrough Award, which will be used to “build alliances among rural Americans and advocate clean energy development that is beneficial to local residents.” She joins the show this week to discuss how to ensure that rural residents share in the wealth of clean energy projects, why we need more than a just transition, and the values that more conservative, rural voters share with progressives.

 Check out more on the 2023 Climate Breakthrough Award and read Harvest the Vote 

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