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The Climate Pod

Sep 6, 2023

In her 2022 book, "Cannibal Capitalism", Professor Nancy Fraser argues that "capitalism harbors a deep-seated ecological contradiction that inclines it non-accidentally to environmental crisis."  Like the contradictions of capitalism that Karl Marx predicted would lead to crises and capitalism's ultimate downfall, Professor Fraser compelling lays out even more contradictions of capitalism that have all led to the multitude of crises humanity faces in 2023.  Racism, gender oppression, the lack of care, the threats to democracy, and the climate crisis are all inevitable consequences of capitalism, according to Professor Fraser, and none can truly be solved without turning our backs on capitalism altogether.  Professor Fraser joins The Climate Pod this week to dive deep into these topics and more.

Co-hosts Brock and Ty also fondly remember their favorite Jimmy Buffett songs and the late musician's odd connection to The Climate Pod.

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