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The Climate Pod

Sep 27, 2023

Last weekend, we recorded some great conversations at Farm Aid 2023 in Noblesville, Indiana! Given that Farm Aid 2023 was focused on how the climate crisis is impacting family farmers and how farmers are also working on necessary solutions through regenerative agriculture, we wanted to talk to some of the folks at the center of the event.

On this episode, we speak to Indiana farmers DeAnthony and Denise Greer, as well as musicians Nathaniel Rateliff and The Particle Kid (aka Micah Nelson). We discuss a wide-range of topics on agriculture, activism, and what makes Farm Aid such a special event. This was recorded outside during a concert, so bear with us on the audio quality! 

Learn more: Watch Indiana Farmers Speak About Agriculture, Climate Resilience and Equity

Learn more about Greer Farms

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