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The Climate Pod

Nov 20, 2019

Our first live show! This week, we were at Lincoln Hall in Chicago to discuss the climate crisis in the Windy City with inspiring local activists and hilarious comedians for a night benefiting Friends of the Chicago River. 

With a panel that includes Naomi Davis of Blacks In Green, Justin Goldberg of the Sunrise Movement Chicago, Jenny Kendler of Extinction Rebellion Chicago, Amelia Diehl of Rising Tide Chicago, Melissa Brice of 350 Chicago, and comedian Adam Burke ("Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me," "Doug Loves Movies"). Plus, performances by Jill Hopkins (Vocalo Radio's "The Morning AMp," WBEZ' "Making Beyoncé") and Chad The Bird, and an interview with Margaret Frisbie, executive director of Friends of the Chicago River. This is the best show ever. Our guests were amazing. We put a bird puppet on the stage. 

This episode was sponsored by Hero Power, a 100% renewable energy option that provides affordable, reliable electricity to Illinois residents at the same price as ComEd. Learn more at

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