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The Climate Pod

Jul 27, 2022

Dr. Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize in Economics recipient and Distinguished Professor of Economics at City University of New York, joins the show to talk about what's driving the world's rising inflation rates, how investments in climate solutions would impact inflation and the economy, and the prospects of Congress passing a climate spending bill. Dr. Krugman also provides his thoughts on the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates, whether or not the US is in a recession, and what all of this means for climate investments.

Plus, co-hosts Ty and Brock Benefiel discuss the importance of environmental and climate advocates building political power and the urgency to elect policymakers who will support climate solutions.

Further Reading:

Paul Krugman "I Was Wrong About Inflation"

Paul Krugman "Climate Politics Are Worse Than You Think"

Nathaniel Stinnett "Climate Movement Must Stop Hoping for Political Heroes"


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