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The Climate Pod

Jun 21, 2023

The record-shattering ocean surface temperatures across the Atlantic over the last two weeks have shocked anyone paying attention to the climate crisis. Ocean surface temperatures are more than a degree Fahrenheit above previous records, and climate scientists hadn't expected this level of warming for decades, even in the worst case scenario models. But is there more to the story than human-caused climate change? Are there other factors contributing to this spike in ocean temperatures? How likely is it that the ocean has surpassed a tipping point that could spell disaster for marine life and all of the lifeforms that depend on a healthy marine ecosystem, including humans.

Jeff Berardelli, WFLA's Chief Meteorologist and Climate Specialist joins The Climate Pod to answer these questions and explain global warming's impact on the warming oceans and the other causes of the extreme temperatures we're seeing. We also discuss El Nino's potential impact on 2023's extreme weather, the Texas heatwave, the early season hurricane forming in the Atlantic Ocean, and a little history behind Dr. Ed Hawkins' Climate Stripes as we celebrate International #ShowYourStripes Day.

And Ty and Brock celebrate the 4 Year Anniversary of The Climate Pod and express their gratitude for the incredible guests that have appeared on the show.

Check out Jeff's Climate Classroom:

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