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The Climate Pod

Feb 14, 2024

"It is vital that those advocating for action to avert climate disaster take note of this substantial shift from denial of anthropogenic climate change to undermining trust in both solutions and science itself, and shift our focus, our resources and our counternarratives accordingly." 

In the introduction to a new report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate US/UK, founder and CEO Imran Ahmed makes the case that it's a new kind of climate denialism that is spreading so quickly on social platforms. Why? Not only is it due to the lack of content moderation from Big Tech companies and a willingness of cynical media personalities on these platforms to take up the denier mantle, but also an economic incentive structure for content creators that supports misinformation. Imran Ahmed joins the show this week to discuss The New Climate Denial: How social media platforms and content producers profit by spreading new forms of climate denial? and how social media platforms and legislators can help stop the dominance of misinformation online and what could happen if we don't.

Read The New Climate Denial

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