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The Climate Pod

Oct 5, 2022

In more than three years doing this show, there have been few things as tragic and shocking as learning more about the impacts air pollution crisis we are living in. It seems that the more we learn about air pollution the more we understand just how much worse it is than we thought and how much it's costing us - with both our lives and economies.

As part of a new study, Professor Jennifer Burney joins a group that notes the impacts of air pollution on human health, economies and agriculture are wide-ranging, but differ drastically based on where on the planet pollutants are emitted. We talk to Professor Burney about the study and its findings and why this research could change how countries decide when to cut climate-changing emissions.

Professor Burney is the Marshall Saunders Chancellor’s Endowed Chair in Global Climate Policy and Research. Read the study "Geographically resolved social cost of anthropogenic emissions accounting for both direct and climate-mediated effects" here.

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