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The Climate Pod

Feb 5, 2020

Big show this week! First, Felix Salmon (chief financial correspondent for Axios, Slate's Money podcast, Axios Edge Newsletter) joins the show to discuss why all that talk at the World Economic Forum in Davos may be cheap, why Greta wasn't speaking in a bigger room, where he sees some of the biggest needs for economic policy to address climate change, and how attitudes are changing on the financial prospects of fossil fuel companies. We ask Felix: Is Jim Cramer the Greta Thunberg of financial cable television? (Spoiler alert: he's not).

Then, we talk to Justin Nobel, who's remarkable investigation for the Economic Hardship Reporting Project and Rolling Stone reveals a shocking truth around the dangers we face with toxic waste coming from oil-and-gas wells. The threat is deadly and most of us are simply unaware it exists. 

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