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The Climate Pod

Dec 20, 2023

As the planet warms, ecosystems are on the move. Biologists and climate scientists have observed the migration of forests toward the poles and even toward higher elevations as human-caused climate change forces species into more hospitable areas. And economists have known for centuries that countries rely on their natural resources for the raw materials needed for producing the goods that help make up their gross domestic product. So what happens to an economy when those natural resources leave? That's exactly what Dr. Bernie Bastien-Olvera and his colleagues set out to understand with their recent paper "Unequal Climate Impacts on Global Values of Natural Capital". While many may take issue with the concept of valuing nature for its economic benefits to humans, such an analysis is important as international leaders work to find ways to compensate countries most impacted by the climate crisis via a Loss and Damage fund and regulations are created that attempt to assign the real cost of carbon dioxide emissions to those that continue to pollute the planet.  Dr. Bastien-Olvera joins the show this week to discuss the findings in this paper and its implications for such regulations.

Co-hosts Ty and Brock also discuss the new Netflix film "Leave the World Behind".

Read "Unequal Climate Impacts on Global Values of Natural Capital"

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